A jean should fit perfect,
be durable and get better with time.

“I wanted to do something apart from the normal aesthetic. In a world full of copies and renditions the objective was to be original. I attended my first tradeshow in 2014, by the August 2016 show you could see our influence everywhere. I knew then I made a difference.” Ryan Xavier Lewis

Anonymous was founded in 2014 by Ryan Xavier Lewis, after he was frustrated in the lack of clothes for taller guys. Standing at 6’5″ he decided to make a pair of leather pants for himself. After countless compliments and offers he decided to put the pants he designed on the market in various washes and materials. Shortly thereafter he had produced clothes for such artist as Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour, French Montana, Justin Bieber, The Empire Show, Ryan Phillepe, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, and many other artist, actors and influencers. After countless videos and performances the Anonymous styles he created began to trend. Made w/ Italian denim from ITV Mills or Japanese denim, today Anonymous has become one of the most exclusive brands in the United States and beloved and collected, by fashion gurus and the nonpareil.